Virtually Experience Every Ride at California Adventure Park from Home

virtual California adventure park rides

As advancements in modern technology keep improving, virtual experiences gain more traction and appeal.

This is not only helpful for people with special needs who are unable to ride certain attractions, but also for those suffering from Disney withdrawals and need a quick, cheap fix. 

Virtual rides make it possible for you to relive your favorite Disney attractions right from the comfort of your own couch. Each of these ride-through videos will have you feeling like you’re at the park without the hassle of grabbing a FASTPASS or waiting in line.

For the most authentic experience, plop yourself in front of a large television, grab your favorite snack, throw on some Mickey Mouse ears, and sit back and enjoy the show!

Also, don’t forget to enjoy virtually riding all the rides at Disneyland!

Plus, watch all your favorite Disneyland shows!

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Virtual Rides at California Adventure Park

Soaring Around the World

Buckle up and prepare for lift off as you soar high in the sky over several iconic places around the world. Which do you prefer, soaring over the world or soaring over California?

Video by LMG Vids

Soaring Over California

If you prefer soaring over the sunshiny state of California, this one’s for you. What’s your favorite city to fly over?

Video by LMG Vids

Grizzly River Run

Hold tight as we embark on a thrilling whitewater raft adventure down the roaring California mountains. I promise this virtual experience won’t get you soaked.  

Video by LMG Vids


Head back, face forward, and hold on as you prepare to make a mad dash to catch baby Jack Jack before he wreaks havoc on the town. Get ready in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!

Video by Adventures in VR

Little Mermaid

Swim aboard a clamshell and journey under the sea in this charismatic adventure from the classic tale of the Little Mermaid.

Join Ariel and all her friends as she falls in love with a human. This is one of my favorite rides! 

Video by DLP Welcome

Goofy’s Sky School

Are you ready for a wild ride? I don’t know about you, but I prefer to experience this ride virtually.

This excellent video provides a stable view of all the twists and turns of Goofy’s crazy sky school. 

Video by Anh D

Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind

Tap into your emotions as you join Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger on this sense-sational spin around the headquarters of Riley’s mind. 

Video by Attractions Magazine

Jumpin’ Jellyfish

Bounce gently up-and-down atop these adorable, vibrant jellyfish. Take in the views from sitting high in the sky. 

Video by The Coaster Views

Golden Zephyr

This galactic gondola is a great ride to relax on and take in the views overlooking Pixar Pier and Paradise Gardens. 

Video by DLP Welcome

Toy Story Midway Mania

This 4D attraction is by far one of the more popular rides at Disneyland.

Sit back and enjoy while Andy takes you on an exhilarating game seen through the eyes of toys.

Video by LMG Vids

Jessie’s Critter Carousel

Mosey on over and saddle up to join Jessie and her friends on a wild west adventure of a lifetime.

Video by the Coaster Views

Radiator Springs Racers

Cars! Get ready to start your engines and travel through the desert landscapes of Radiator Springs.

Join Lightning McQueen and all his friends as he prepares for the race of a lifetime!

Video by DLP Welcome

Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters

Are you ready to dance with Luigi? This ride will have you humming Italian tunes all day. 

Video by Mouse Steps

Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree

Scramble your brains along with Mater as he takes you on a swinging, toe-tapping hoedown. 

Video by SoCal Theme Parks 360

Guardians of the Galaxy

Hold onto your stomach for this one! Will you be able to complete this mission to rescue the Guardian of the Galaxy from the Collector’s fortress?

Video by DarthVader92 

Monster’s Inc

Hail a taxi and get ready to help Mike and Sulley as they race to return baby Boo to her home with the humans. 

Video by Theme Park HD

Silly Symphony Swings

Who doesn’t love swings, especially when it’s at Disneyland?! I like the music on this ride.

Video by Attractions Magazine

Pixar Pal-A-Round

This classic ferris wheel takes you over 150 feet into the air and provides some of the best views of Disneyland Resort.

You’ve got to check out this incredible virtual video that offers a complete 360 degree experience. Just drag your mouse left or right, up or down to take in all the views!

Video by Inside the Magic

So, there you have it. A comprehensive, virtual way to experience Disney’s California Adventure Park rides at home or wherever you might be. What did you think?

This might just be the perfect thing to do when you’re missing the park, daydreaming of a future visit, aren’t physically capable of riding an attraction, or are experiencing unprecedented events that temporarily close the parks.

Don’t forget to enjoy virtually riding all the rides at Disneyland, too!

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