Basic Tips for Preparing Your Smartphone for Disneyland

Preparing your phone

It’s no secret that smartphones are a huge part of our daily lives. Many of us rely on our phone for much more than making or receiving phone calls and texts.

If you’re like me, you probably use your phone to take pictures and videos, manage social media accounts, check emails, monitor the weather, and much more.

Your cell phone will play an important role during your Disney trip. So lets review some basic tips for prepping your phone for a magical day (or several days) at Disneyland.

We wouldn’t want you to find yourself without enough storage, battery, or appropriate apps!

Basic Preparations Before Your Trip

If you’re not familiar with the basics of using a smartphone, or even if you consider yourself a “technology guru”, it’s still a good idea to brush up on using the main functions of your smartphone.

The following functions will more than likely be important during your time at Disneyland:

1. Learn how to use your phones camera and video recording

2. Know where your phones flashlight is or download a flashlight app

3. Practice downloading apps and organizing them on your phone

4. Know how to silence your phone or put it on vibrate

5. Add important phone numbers into your contacts

Preparing to Make Room for Your Memories

Upload pictures and videos to a storage service such as the Cloud or move them to your computer.

Delete unnecessary pictures, videos, texts, and apps to free up space.

Clear your browser caché to free up internal memory.

Install the Disneyland app and become familiar with it. You will use this app for everything. 

Disneyland Park app smartphone

Create shortcuts to important apps and put them on your main screen.

Enable features such as “Find My Phone” in case you lose it.

Consider buying a *MicroSD memory card to boost your phone’s storage.

Have a weather app installed to monitor the weather at the parks.

Bring an *external battery pack/charger and all the necessary cords.

Use a durable phone case to protect it from drops or falls.

Bring a waterproof phone case or plastic ziplock bag for water rides/shows.

Smartphones need a TON of memory. If you plan on taking a bunch of pictures or videos during your vacation, an SD card that has the capacity to hold a lot of memory is extremely worth it.

I would recommend making sure you have at least 128GB or 256 GB of free memory in your smartphone. If you don’t feel like you have enough, I’d recommend purchasing an SD card. The one I have is 128 GB and can be found by clicking here.

If you plan on using your phone to utilize the Disneyland app or take photos and videos, your phone’s battery life might drain pretty fast.

Disneyland does sell portable fuel rods (complete with the necessary cords) for a one time $30 fee and can be swapped out as many times as you’d like for $3 per swap.

If you’d like to avoid the hassle of paying for one of the park’s fuel rods, I recommend the Anker Powercore 5000, which looks similar to the one Disneyland sells. It’s a powerful fuel rod. 

Important Apps You’ll Need at Disneyland

The official Disneyland app

This app is a must for any Disneyland trip. The official Disneyland Park app allows you to check current ride wait times, FastPass and MaxPass windows, restaurant menus, park maps, manage reservations, find characters, link PhotoPass pictures and park tickets, and much more.

The Play Disney Parks app.

This app is perfect for families with kids (or big kids at heart). The official Play Disney Park app helps pass the time by providing games such as Disney trivia and fan favorite interactive park adventures that bring magic to life all around you from the palm of your hand.  

Do you have any other tips not listed in this article? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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