Reviewing the Flex Pass: Disneyland’s Newest Annual Pass

Flex Annual Pass

In May 2019, Disneyland debuted a new annual pass option for current or hopeful park guests. The new Flex Pass is not only a more affordable option, it also adds more “flexibility” for the price than any other annual pass with the introduction of a reservation system.

As a proud owner of the Flex Pass, I’m here to give you the inside scoop on how the Flex Pass works, along with the many perks that come with being an annual pass holder!

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Cost of the Flex Pass

The basic annual price is $599

Disneyland has a monthly payment plan, if that is something that interests you. It does require a down payment of $154 up front. The monthly price is $37.09 for 12 months with 0% APR

There is an option to add MaxPass to the Flex Pass for an additional $100 per person

Benefits of the Flex Pass

  • Allows admission to one or both parks on select days
  • Up to 10% off select dining experiences
  • Up to 10% off select merchandise in store or online at Shop Disney 
  • Perfect annual pass for those who only visit the parks a couple times a month

How the Flex Pass Works

Green Daysare good-to-go days which means theme park admission is not blocked out and does not require a reservation

Blue Days” are resevervation required days which means an advanced reservation is needed in order to access  one or both theme parks

If a blue day has a line through it (like this), it means the park has reached their maximum number of reservations and is no longer accepting reservations

Grey Daysare blocked out days which means admission to both parks is not available 

How the Reservation System Works for Blue Days

You may make a reservation no more than 30 days in advance, and your reservation can be made for one or both of the parks. (I always recommend checking “both parks” in case you want to park-hop). 

Each pass holder is only allowed to make 2 reservations in a 30 day period. If you have 2 reservations already made, you will be able to make another reservation after your first reservation date has passed or if you cancel the existing reservation.

Reservations can be made on the Disneyland app (I will show you how to do that in this post) or on the Disneyland website.

Reservations are limited and subject to availability. (I haven’t had any issues with getting a reservation on the days I’ve wanted!)

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations of a reservation must be done by 11:59PM the day before the reserved date. Cancellations can be made on the Disneyland app or on Disneyland’s website.

If you fail to cancel your reservation(s) 3 consecutive times within a 90 day period, pass holders will be unable to make a new reservation for 30 days. However, you may still enter either park on “green days”. This is Disneyland’s version of putting you on a time-out for not showing up.

If your reservation is for both parks, you are not required to enter both.

Disney Flex Pass Dates from July 2019 – August 2020

If you take a look at the calendar below, you will see how amazing the Flex Pass actually is! There are hardly any true blocked out dates! The Flex Pass allows guests to experience the parks more often throughout the year than any other annual pass in its price-range! 

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For more tips on choosing the best date to visit Disneyland, check out my post on Disneyland’s crowd predication and typical weather throughout the year

Making Reservations on the Disneyland App

Open the Disneyland app and scroll down until you see My Tickets

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After clicking on My Tickets, click on Reserve Days.

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Select everyone in your party who will be going with you on the reserved day.

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Choose which park you will be visiting and select the day you will be visiting. 

I advise selecting “both parks” in case you feel like park-hopping.

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Scroll down the page and press review your selections.

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Review to make sure your reservation date, park selection, and people in your party are all correct.

Then click confirm reservation.

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That’s it!

Each guest in your party who made a reservation will receive a confirmation email. Your tickets/reservation will also show up on the Disneyland app homepage.

When you enter the park, open the Disneyland app and show your ticket barcode to the cast member. The cast member will scan the barcode and then let you into the park!

If for any reason you have any trouble accessing your tickets, a friendly cast member will help you. 

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