All About the Blue Bayou & Fantastmic! Dining Package

blue bayou fantastmic dining package review
The Blue Bayou restaurant is known for being one of Disneyland’s most popular and captivating dining experiences. Add my personal favorite show to the mix and it’s a match made in heaven.

If you’re looking to maximize your time and experience at the “happiest place on earth” this is the perfect opportunity to combine two of my highly recommended activities.

My family and I have indulged in this package on several occasions.

Each time, we are completely immersed in the magic and captivated by the mouthwatering food, iconic New Orleans views, pirates, and of course, Mickey Mouse as he battles epic villains and encounters sweet princesses amid his nightmare Fantasmic!

For $75 per adult and $35 per child (not including tax & gratuity), this package offers a scrumptious 3-course dinner, followed by reserved viewing smack dab, front and center of the Fantastmic! stage. 

It’s important to note, the reserved viewing for this show will have you be seated on the ground. No chairs or benches are offered and standing is prohibited. Wheelchair users will be able to remain in their chair. 

Join me as I share my latest experience, meal options (including allergy friendly items), wheelchair accessibility, and details on where you’ll be able to view the show.

Planning Your Blue Bayou Dining Experience

The Blue Bayou is one of the most sought out restaurants in all of Disneyland. I highly recommended that you book your reservation in advance.

Reservations can be booked online through the Disneyland website (or by calling Disney Dining at (714) 781-3463) and may be reserved up to 60 days in advance. The same applies even if you are just booking the dinner without the show.

Of course, you must have a valid park ticket to enter the restaurant.

If there is more than one Fantasmic! performance (there are usually two) scheduled on the day of your visit, be sure to pay attention to which show time corresponds with your dining reservation.

My family and I prefer the first show because once the show ends, it’s the perfect spot to watch the nightly fireworks. Plus, the first show is a good option if you don’t want to stay out too late.

During the reservation process, you will find an option to add special requests if you require any. Here you will have the opportunity to mention any food allergies and/or if you need wheelchair access.

Some restaurants are tight and dark inside which can make navigating through the table and chairs difficult, so it is helpful to check the option for wheelchair access if you need it.

dining special requests
First, you’ll have the opportunity to specify any food(s) that you or someone in your party may be allergic to. This request will allow you to receive a special allergy friendly menu once you get to the restaurant.

You are also able to talk directly to the chef if you need. Just let the cast member know when you are seated.

allergy dining requests
Next, you’ll have the option to request wheelchair accessibility if you need it.

I always request it for this restaurant in particular because it’s challenging to see in the darkened atmosphere and maneuvering through the crowd of tables/chairs can be tricky.

Requesting wheelchair accessibility will not hinder you from having a waterfront table viewing the ride.

wheelchair access dining
On the day of your reservation, I recommend arriving to the restaurant at least 10-15 minutes early to check-in.

If you would like to be seated along the water, this is the time to request it. This request cannot be guaranteed, but sometimes you may get lucky!

Check-in is located outside the restaurant to the right of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride exit.

If you are in a wheelchair, you and your party will be taken through the exit of the ride to enter the restaurant. (The main entrance has stairs.) A cast member will help you navigate your way to your table.

Dining Inside the Blue Bayou

blue bayou fantasmic dining menu

Blue Bayou Dining Package Menu

Once you’re seated, you’ll receive a menu (and a special “allergy friendly” menu if you requested one). The menu should be equipped with a light inside to make reading it a bit easier.

Sometimes, the light doesn’t work or may not be bright enough. In this case, I recommend using the flashlight on your smartphone.

The Blue Bayou & Fantastmic dining package is priced at $75 per adult or $35 per child, not including tax and gratuity.

Dinner includes a delicious 3-course meal that I can only describe as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I almost guarantee your mouth will be watering for more!

Keep reading to check out the delectable appetizers, entrées, and desserts my family and I enjoyed.

See the button below for full menu options. (Menu options may change slightly during some seasons.)

View Full Menu

One of my absolute favorite things about the Blue Bayou is the atmosphere. From the moment you enter room, you are transported to a New Orleans setting with the added twist of literally being inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

If you are fortunate enough to get a seat near the water, you’ll even be able to watch as the boats go by!

inside blue bayou restaurant

Facing the front of the room.

blue bayou watch ride while you eat

Waterfront seating.

Food, Food, & More Food

Before your appetizer arrives, you’ll be given a bowl of dinner bread with the most delicious herbed butter.

As you may have noticed, I neglected to get a photo of the bread. Let that be a testament to how delicious it is!

My family and I dove into that bread so fast, it never had a chance! We found it to be super light and airy, with a hint of seasoning that left us craving more. But we didn’t want to fill up on too much bread before our meal.

For my appetizer, I ordered the New Orleans Gumbo with white rice on top. It had a robust, tangy flavor that left a bit of a kick on my tastebuds from the spices. The white rice complemented the soup well as I thought it tamed some of the spiciness.


New Orleans Gumbo

For my entrée, I ordered the Roasted Chicken Maison. It came with the most heavenly tasting mashed potatoes and seasoned vegetables that was placed ever so intricately on the plate.

The sauce you see drizzled on the plate is called Vermouth Jus. It’s made from a dry white wine that serves as one of the best tasting marinades I’ve ever had.

This chicken dinner is my favorite in all of Disneyland. The meat is so tender and moist it practically melts in your mouth.

The mashed potatoes are lusciously creamy and bursting with flavors from the Vermouth Jus marinade. And the seasoned veggies (carrots and green beans) are cooked to perfection. Even if you aren’t a chicken lover, this plate just might impress you.

chicken blue bayou

Roasted Chicken Maison

My father ordered the butter brushed Bone-In Rib Eye with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. He absolutely loved it and savored every moment.

The meat was prepared exactly to his specifications and the serving size was generous (which makes every man a happy camper!). The mashed potatoes were extra creamy and the seasonal vegetables included crisp, long-stemmed broccolini.

rib eye

Bone-In Rib Eye

My mother ordered the Fresh Catch of the Day. On this particular day, it happened to be her favorite, Wild Salmon.

In addition, her meal included mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables surrounded in a special Chef’s Seasonal Sauce. As you can tell from the picture, the fish is a very generous size. There is also a light glaze on the fish that has adds a bit of sweetness to your palette. Another highly recommended meal!

Blue bayou restaurant

Fresh Catch of the Day

Oh sweet dessert. One of the perks of this dining package is the included dessert. My family and I ordered both options, the Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée and the 8-Layer Chocolate Hazelnut Cake. All I can say is YUM!

The Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée melts in your mouth like cotton candy. It is drizzled with a hint of powdered sugar and includes fresh raspberries and a Madeleine cookie. Your tastebuds with scream in delight.

The 8-Layer Chocolate Hazelnut Cake is a dream come true for any chocolate lover out there. It is incredibly rich and downright soothing to the soul. I think I moaned in pleasure with every bite. Definitely recommend this if you crave a slice of pure chocolate heaven.

After your meal, each person in your party will receive reserved viewing tickets for the Fantastmic show and a souvenir.

The current souvenir is a an adorable purple, portable pad for you to use when watching the Fantastmic! show. Read on to find out why you’ll come to appreciate this little souvenir.

seat cushion

Reserved Viewing for the Fantastmic! Show

Your reserved viewing ticket will give you a designated time to check-in for the show. Usually it’s 30 minutes prior to the show starting.

Entrance to the viewing area begins over near the churro cart in front of the Haunted Mansion. Look for the sign that says reserved viewing. A cast member will take your ticket and direct you down the appropriate path.

In case you weren’t aware, reserved viewing for Fantastmic! requires everyone (except people in a wheelchair) to sit on the ground and stay seated during the entire show.

So, remember that funny little souvenir you received from the Blue Bayou? It will come in handy for those who will be sitting on the ground.

Don’t let this distract you, though. You will have a spectacular view of the show – front and center!

Front row seating blue bayou fantastic

View of Fantastmic from my wheelchair.

If you use a wheelchair like I do, you and your party will still be placed in the front row. You will be directed to park directly behind those who are seated on the ground. There will be a small walkway behind you, followed by a wall.

The people behind you will be elevated (up a few stairs) so they will be able to see over you without a problem.

It is possible that you may get wet or misted during parts of the show, depending on the weather or if there is a breeze.

If you’re concerned about getting wet, you can buy a poncho ahead of time at most stores in the park. Or if you want to save some money, I recommend purchasing one on Amazon

During the show, if you need to leave for any reason, there are cast members nearby to lead you out. You can usually spot them holding a flashlight and keeping the walkways clear of traffic.

me in the blue bayou


In case you couldn’t tell, the Blue Bayou and Fantastmic dining package is pure magic in every way imaginable. My family and I have enjoyed this package for several years, and it never disappoints.

We usually book it on the last day of our trip and call it our “grand finale”. It’s the perfect way to end your vacation or day with a bang, literally!

If you’ve experienced the Blue Bayou & Fantastmic dining package, leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

I welcome any comments or questions!

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